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Kahoona Runs Silent
by Dante Persechino

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The Big Kahoona!
Kahoona Runs Silent

My good friend Alan Rudolph, the President/Publisher at, has decided to give me the boot. I have been officially kicked off the team, cut from the squad and made to sit out the rest of the game. I will no longer be writing for this web site.

In his quest to follow his dream (which is what we should all do), Alan has decided to make some changes. I just happen to be one of those changes. I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to write for this web site, as I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Even though Alan told me that I was doing him a favor, in writing for his web site, I have to say that I have gotten so much more from the experience than he has.

I have learned that I genuinely enjoy writing. It has brought to light, dreams and aspirations that I never knew I had. The experience has taught me that I really love expressing myself in written form. It has taught me that I may have some talent for writing and may want to pursue it further. Whether it is writing another column, a book or just submitting stories to other outlets from time to time. Either way, I have found something that fulfills me and gives me an outlet for my passions.

To be perfectly honest, even though I truly enjoyed this time in my life and the time with the web site, I am looking forward to and I think that I may be ready for an attempt at a project that will be a bit lengthier. This probably is just my genetic disposition to ramble and babble on about what I think is important. I come from a long line of babblers you see. That was just the way it was when I was growing up.

In fact, I really didn't know that my family had a predisposition to blathering until I started dating. When my first steady girlfriend met my family, she sat their kind of dumbfounded at the amount that we talked. She was astounded that we sat their and all talked at the same time, each of us trying to talk over the other. She was simply amazed at the fact that even though she didn't have a clue what we were debating, all of us completely understood the others without a problem. Itís a talent I guess. LOL!

So, maybe this is why I enjoy writing so much. I just have so much to say and everyone in the immediate vicinity is tired of hearing me speak. What else is a chronic philosopher with a propensity towards diarrhea of the mouth to do? Hey, thatís an idea! That should be a question on the interest tests that they give you in high school and college. Do you like to drone on ad nauseum about your opinion?" Well, if so, maybe you should be a writer!

Dante Persechino is an accomplished visual artist, whose works have been featured in publications such as the Providence Journal, the Jewish Herald, the Federal Hill Gazette and others. His work has been broadcast on television stations such as WCVB Channel 5 out of Boston, WSBE Channel 36 and WJAR Channel 10, out of Providence. He has shown in a myriad of open, juried and one man shows and been greatly received. This award winning visual artist is now trying his hand at writing while working as a stay at home dad. If you would like to visit his personal website, in the making, please visit .cdante.20from.

Dante has been part of the family for a long time. We would like to thank him for his articles and wish him the best for future writing endeavors. Thank you Dante and may God bless you.

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