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Are you ready for some football! The Extra Point continues it's championship line up live from Cardi's Furniture Super Stores with special guest Troy Brown, Monday January 8th from 3:00pm - 7:00pm. Be one of the first 125 people in line and get a free pre-autographed picture. Full details.

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Attention advertisers! has now added streaming video to our website. With just one click, thousands of readers will now be able to experience a moving, talking visual interpretation of the services or products you have to offer. Capture the readers’ attention by ...
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ChicagoSeptember 12, 2006 Show begins at 7:30pmChicago recently celebrated the release of their 30th album, Chicago XXX. Produced by Jay DeMarcus of the superstar country group Rascal Flatts, Chicago XXX began a new chapter in the band's history and will certainly add to a long list of extraordinary accomplishments: 40 gold and platinum awards, 20 Top 10 singl...
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